APS is a multi million dollar brokerage firm in Winston Salem that adds marketing flavor and sells real estate at a very high level. We have a personal interest in every project we work on. APS is the first call you should make when you need to understand where the real estate market is and where the real estate market is heading.

Our Mission

To provide tailored guidance for our clients, so they may be one step closer to success.

Our Values


A commitment to honesty & fairness.


Service today, in yesterday’s tradition.


Consistently perform on the highest level to create a sustainable advantage for our clients.

Our Story

APS was founded by Mia who is Brian Cinc’s mother. Mia was fluent in 8 languages and had a passion for real estate. Mia came up with the name APS. The lettering in “APS” stands for the three phases in a real estate transaction: active, pending, and sold. The logo has a slanted “A” for active, a lower “P” for pending, and the “S” is cut off for sold.

Mia moved to Ohio from Yugoslavia with nothing more than a suitcase at thirteen years of age. She went to school to become a cosmetologist. While working as a hair stylist and owning her own beauty shop, she met her husband Viorel (also from Yugoslavia) and they paid off their home at 21 years of age. Within 24 hours of moving to S. FL, Viorel and his friend were killed in a tragic accident by a drunk boat driver. Rather than look for a new home she spent her time looking for a funeral home. Mia became a widow at 28 years of age and lost the love of her life.

Over the years she transitioned to real estate. She raised her son and helped him get through college at Wake Forest University. She sold her beach front investment properties in South Florida and moved to North Carolina to be closer to Brian. While beginning her career in North Carolina, Mia won the Road Runner award during her time at Prudential. She learned the real estate market in the Triad and began using her knowledge to acquire properties and provide guidance. Even though she never had a formal education, she used her life experiences and tenacious spirit to become a multi-millionaire. She was often asked to speak in front of other agents to provide investment advice. Silvia, Suzanne, and Alice all enjoyed working with Mia and wanted to join her at APS.

Mia passed away in her home, after being diagnosed with the worst of the worst types of cancer, on March 11th, 2012 at the age of 56. Brian was her caretaker for 9 months as Mia lost control of her body.

She believed in God, honor, integrity, and service.

Her last words were, “I love you.”

Mia was trained by Summer Greene at Real Estate Express. Summer Greene: Fort Lauderdale Realtor® Is President of Florida’s Largest Professional Association (115,000 Agents). Brian grew up in Summer Greene’s Office. Brian and Summer are still friends.

The Team

  • Warner Starkey – President of Oak Valley



  • Brian Cinc

    (336) 612-1006



APS Welcomes experienced passionate real estate professionals. Please contact us if you are interested. Just as we help our clients create wealth, APS will help you create wealth.